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Price: R 36699.09 Including VAT
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Description and Features

Wheelchair trailer

This unique trailer serves a special need providing transport for a motorised wheelchair. The drive-on facility provided by a gas lift assisted tipping action is convenient and reliable. Being able to transport the wheelchair to distant locations is a great benefit.


• Perfectly balanced, with articulated tipping of the trailer to provide access for driving wheel chair on.
• Gas lift assisted tipping action
• Lugs on sides to secure whee;chair in transit.
• Wheelchair can be loaded from the rear ,by way of a tipped ramp
• Tread-hole punched floor.
• Fitted with a lockable coupler.(lock optional)
• Equipped with a handbrake chain.
• Tailights are protected.
• Fitted with a Rubax axle
• Including spare wheel 165x13 inch
• Spare wheel bracket mounted on A-frame
• Large padlockable storage box on the A-frame

Trailer in use

Here are some images of the trailer being loaded

Going onto ramp


Motorised wheelchair on the trailer

The added storage space is really convenient, and the spare wheel is mounted outside on the front A-frame


BHeight (over all)640 mm
AHeight (side)200 mm
CLength (body)1970 mm
DLength (over all)3190 mm
EWidth (inside)1310 mm
FWidth (over all)1800 mm
GGround Clearance220 mm

Technical Info
Tare Mass200 kg
GVM700 kg
Pay Load500 kg
BrakesNo brakes
Axle Length1610 mm
Axle Capacity750 kg
Leaf SpringsRubber suspension
Wheels165 x 13 inch

Subject to our general terms and conditions of supply and delivery. Technical data, pricing, dimensions, and weights are subject to change, due to a policy of continual product development. The illustrations are for reference only. Dimensions are in millimetres. Venter Trailers reserves the right to alter design and specifications without prior notice.