Cycle Rack Mounting



Kit of parts

1 x 4 Bike cycle rack assembly
2 x left mounting brackets
2 x right mounting brackets
4 x mounting bracket plates
12 x rubber mounting pads
8 x shock cords (bungee cords)
16 x shock cord brackets
8 x M8 nuts, bolts and washers
4 x middle bracket hooks

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1x Electric drilling machine
1x3.5mm drill
1x8.5mm drill
Pencil/marker to mark the holes
M8 Spanners


Attach left and right-sided mounting brackets to cycle rack corners. Ensure cycle rack is placed equidistant from the sides of the lid. Mark drill-hole positions once cycle rack is positioned

Left back mounting bracket


Right back mounting bracket


Left front mounting bracket


Right front mounting bracket


Securing Bicycles onto Cycle Rack Instructions

Closed cycle rack


Open front U-bracket



Pivot swivel bracket open


Locate swivel bracket in U-channel slot


Open rear U-bracket


Attach tie-down plates to U-brackets


Lift bicycle into front U-bracket


Insert two middle bracket hooks


Attach bungee cords to two rear tie-down plates


Attach the rear bungee cords to the rear middle bracket hooks


Back assembly


Attach front bungee cords to front tie-down plates


Attach front bungee cords to front middle bracket hooks


Front assembly


Bungee cords attached to middle bracket hooks


Bicycle fully secured in U-brackets


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