And The Winner is !

Len Bester

"It was on the raining morning of 24 December 2012 when I drove in Jan Van Riebeeck Road, Paarl when I saw this ( see pictures ) next to the road. I suddenly remember about the competition and had to stop to take a photo. I thought the Venter Trailer had its days, but for those of you who can recognise the other trailer, will now have proof that a Venter is a partner for life no matter in what condition!"

"PS! I thought that this is a winning photo!"




And you were right Len, it tells a really interesting story !. Everyone who sees it has to break into a smile or laugh. The little sturdy Venter is still at work even after years of hard-labour. It reminds of one of those horse-drawn carts that carry scrap.

The hardy trailer has lost some parts like a mudguard, but it has not lost it's pride.

This picture is worth a thousand words ! Well done !

For capturing a precious real-life moment you get 5 stars ! (and the prize - a new Glider!)


The Venter Team